On Course for the Future - the 2 + 2 on Innovation in Logistics

With the "2 + 2" event in San Francisco, transport logistics exhibitions together with TIACA Executive Summit offer 2 days of conference program with enough time for networking plus 2 days of innovation journey to the trendiest impulse generators in Silicon Valley.

No region in the world continues to stand more for inventiveness in the digitalized world. What can logistics learn from this, how must supply chain management adapt to it in the future? But also: which digital trends can I implement for my own company?

We are going to San Francisco: September 21-24, 2021


If you are interested in speaking, participating or sponsoring, please get in contact with

Victoria Vehse
E: victoria.vehse@messe-muenchen.de
T: +49 89 949 20428

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